Why P40?

P40’s Management Combines Over 20 Years As Owner/Operator Of An Auto Dealership, Owner/ Operator Of An Auto Insurance Agency, Consultant/ Agent For An Ancillary Administration Company, And A Nationwide Legal Network. Over 1 Million Accounts Have Been Placed With P40 For Ancillary Recovery. No Accounts Have Ever Been Recalled, And P40 Has Never Been Involved In A Lawsuit.

Understanding the Difference Between Processing & Collecting 

Calculating and processing are just the beginning. Lenders often do a great job of processing Ancillary Refunds but lack the bandwidth, infrastructure, or understanding of the products to allow them to follow up and ensure that that every dollar is collected and every consumer is appropriately credited.

Experience in Dealing with Industry Wide Conflicts of Interest

Lenders utilize the same admin system to request a refund that they originally utilized to sell the product. In many cases, this conflict often allows providers and dealers from paying refunds and hinders the lenders from being able to collect. P40 has a robust and proven method of ensuring that the appropriate refund is paid and properly credited to the appropriate recipient.


Accounts Serviced

Years in Business