what we do

p40 ancillary services

Ancillary Refund Calculating, Processing, Tracking, and Collections

  • Warranty, Gap, Service Contracts, Credit Life, Credit Disability, Tire/ Wheel, and others.
  • Pre and Post Charge-Off Programs
  • P40’s robust system and unique perspective ensures that refunds not only get processed correctly, but also get paid and credited correctly.

go forward


    • Quote, process, track, and collect on all ancillary refunds at time of repossession.
    • Follow up after Administrator has processed and collected for a set period of time.

look back

    • Audit charged-off files and capture refunds that have previously gone unpaid.
      • P40 has performed its look back program on over 1 million charged-off accounts.

early payoffs

Compliance has caused many Lenders to credit the Consumers regardless of receiving the refund or not. P40 ensures that all steps are followed for compliance while ensuring that the lender receives the refund.


Often vehicles are repaired but insurance companies do not properly account for the diminished value of the vehicle.

Total Loss/ Partial Damage Unclaimed or Unpaid

Track and follow up on Total Loss or Partial Damage claims that often go unclaimed or unpaid if not properly tracked and pursued.